A VueX plugin for Asayer. This plugin allows you to see the application state during session replay.


npm i @asayerio/tracker-vuex --save


Initialize the @asayerio/tracker package as usual and load the plugin into it. Then put the generated plugin into your plugins field of your store.

import Vuex from 'vuex'
import Tracker from '@asayerio/tracker';
import trackerVuex from '@asayerio/tracker-vuex';
const asayer = new Tracker({
projectID: PROJECT_ID,
const store = new Vuex.Store({
// ...
plugins: [tracker.use(trackerVuex())],

You can customize the plugin behavior with options to sanitize your data. They are similar to the ones from the standard createLogger plugin.

filter (mutation, state) {
// returns `true` if a mutation should be logged
// `mutation` is a `{ type, payload }`
return mutation.type !== "aBlacklistedMutation";
transformer (state) {
// transform the state before logging it.
// for example return only a specific sub-tree
return state.subTree;
mutationTransformer (mutation) {
// mutations are logged in the format of `{ type, payload }`
// we can format it any way we want.
return mutation.type;