Source Maps

Asayer supports un-minifying JavaScript via source maps. This allows you to see source code context obtained from stack traces in their original form, which is very useful for debugging minified code (UglifyJS), or transpiled code (TypeScript, ES6).


Source maps can be uploaded to Asayer using an NPM module:

npm i @asayerio/sourcemaps-uploader

Upload Source Maps to Asayer

You need to set up your build system to create the various source files. Source maps files must be uploaded to Asayer, otherwise it won't be able to un-minify your stack traces.

Source maps can be uploaded for a single file:

sourcemaps-uploader -k API_KEY -i PROJECT_ID file -m ./dist/ -u

Or a directory including many files:

sourcemaps-uploader -k API_KEY -i PROJECT_ID dir -m ./dist -u
  • -k: Asayer API Key (Preferences > Account).
  • -i: Asayer Project ID which you can find under Preferences > Projects.
  • -m: Path to source maps file(s) (can also be a directory).
  • -u: URL to the JavaScript asset (if single file) or base URL (in case of a directory).