Segment allows you to collect your user data from every source into a single exportable API. You can then send that information to all your favorite tools instantly.

With this integration, you don’t have to add any code to your site. If you have a Segment account, all you need to do is to set your Asayer ProjectID then enable the integration as specified in the instructions below.

1. Select Asayer from the list of available integrations

Simply search for Asayer in the list of available integrations then select it.

Asayer in Integrations List

2. Set your ProjectID then enable the integration

Your ProjectID can be found in your Asayer dashboard under Preferences > Projects then press Tracking Code. Once added, you simply need to flip the switch to activate the integration.

Asayer Settings

3. Segment User Traits (Identify)

See how to add Metadata in Asayer.

4. All set!

Well done! Now just wait until the changes get propagated in Segment's CDN. That should take about 10min. In the meantime, you can remove the Asayer's tracking code in your site, if there's any.